This is one of the standard single face carvings on a box that we are offering for $40.  Contact us from our contact page to place an order.

This is a carving from a 2D picture.  The paint helps bring out the detail.  We also carve from 3D scans.

Scan and Print Special Starting at $60

We will scan you, print one head/bust, and deliver to you in the Kanata area.  Each additional print of the same scan starts at $25.  Small travel charge may apply for other areas.


3D Printing

& Scanning &


We provide custom 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D carving, as well as laser etching.  Have us use your photos or 3D scans to produce custom and unique one of a kind items that can not be bought off of a shelf.

We can have our artist produce a 3D image from photos, as seen on the left.  Or we can scan the subject with one of our 3D scanners and print it as seen in the centre and right images.


Carved Prints